Introduction to the lubrication method of the shaft bearing supporting the electric spindle

May 30, 2023

Electric spindle: mainly used in the machine tool industry, such as machining centers, CNC machine tools, electric spindle as the core functional part of the machine tool for milling and grinding of various metals. It is also used for drilling, milling, grinding, and polishing at the end of the robot in the automated production line. This chapter introduces the lubrication method for the bearings supporting the electric spindle shaft.

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Grease lubrication and oil mist lubrication have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to generalize which lubrication method is good or not. The key is to meet your production needs and meet your needs. At the same time, the overall cost of operation and management is low. best pattern.

Grease lubrication leads to a significant reduction in the limit speed of the bearing. It is generally believed that the reduction range is between 35% and 40%. In this way, in the case of high speed operation, high torque cannot be achieved. For some demanding processing links, grease lubrication electric The main shaft has great limitations.

During the maintenance of the electric spindle, the oil mist lubrication is changed to the grease lubrication. At the same time of the transformation, in addition to the routine maintenance, the accuracy of the electric spindle is also restored and improved. Oil-mist lubricated steel ball bearings are replaced by ceramic ball hybrid bearings; motor insulation level is improved; air sealing devices are added; mechanical sealing methods are modified; spring preload is tested and adjusted; spacers are adjusted, etc.

The oil mist does not enter the interior of the electric spindle, which reduces the frictional resistance of the rotor, reduces the corrosion of the stator coil, and increases the service life of the electric spindle. The lubrication of the electric spindle bearing groove is fully guaranteed, the lubricating film is thick, the vibration is reduced, the protection of the bearing is strengthened, and the service life of the bearing is extended to extend the service life of the electric spindle.

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