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Mining professional bearings: Machinery specialized in mining, mineral processing and prospecting is called mining machinery and equipment. A large number of cranes, conveyors, fans and drainage machinery used in mining operations are collectively referred to as mining machinery and equipment. Mining machinery is a kind of machinery that processes ore and makes low-quality ore valuable. Separation of valuable minerals from gangue. In a narrow sense, it is a machine that is directly used in operations such as mineral mining and enrichment. Including mining machinery and beneficiation machinery. Broadly speaking, prospecting machinery also belongs to mining machinery. Our bearings can be well used in the above machinery. Recently, more and more large bearings have been exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

As we all know, SKF, NSK, NTN, FAG, TIMKEN, KOYO, NACHI and other bearing brands, but the bearings of Chinese brands are also comparable to big brands. Our own brand WXING is a Chinese private brand that combines high quality and low price. Today, only China's manufacturing capacity is in a leading position in the world. In the case of economic downturn, choosing WXING bearings with high quality and low price is your best choice.

We not only provide you with high-brand bearings, but also help you solve all professional bearing problems. If you have any bearing-related questions, please consult us at any time. WXING will treat every visiting customer with a professional attitude.

22205 25x52x18

22206 30x62x20

22207 35x72x23

22208 40x80x23

22209 45x85x23

22210 50x90x23

22211 55x100x25

22212 60x110x28

22213 65x120x31

22214 70x125x31

22215 75x130x31

22216 80x140x33

22217 85x150x36

22218 90x160x40

22219 95x170x43

22220 100x180x46

22222 110x200x53

22224 120x215x58

22226 130x230x64

22228 140x250x68

22230 150x270x73

22232 160x290x80

22234 170x310x86

22236 180x320x86

22238 190x320x92

22240 200x360x98

22244 220x400x108

22308 40x90x33

22309 45x90x33

22310 50x110x40

22311 55x120x43

22312 60x130x46

22313 65x140x48

22314 70x150x51

22315 75x160x55

22316 80x170x58

22317 85x180x60

22318 90x190x64

22319 95x200x67

22320 100x215x73

22322 110x240x80

22324 120x260x80

22326 130x280x93

22328 140x300x102

22330 150x320x108

22332 160x340x114

22334 170x360x120

22336 180x380x126

22338 190x400x132

22340 200x420x138

23020 100x150x37

23022 110x170x45

23024 120x180x46

23026 130x200x52

23028 140x210x53

23030 150x225x56

23032 160x240x60

23034 170x260x67

23036 180x280x74

23038 190x290x75

23040 200x310x82

23044 230x340x90

23120 100x165x52

23121 105x175x56

23122 110x180x56

23124 120x200x62

23126 130x210x80

23128 140x225x68

23130 150x250x80

23132 160x270x85

23134 170x280x88

23136 180x300x96

23138 190x320x104

23140 200x340x112

23144 220x370x120

23218 90x160x52.4

23220 100x180x60.3

23222 110x200x69.8

23224 120x215x76

23226 130x230x80

23228 140x250x88

23230 150x270x96

23232 160x290x104

23234 170x310x110

23236 180x320x112

23238 190x340x120

23240 200x360x128

23244 200x400x144

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Passed ISO9001 international certification
The delivery area is not restricted, and can be shipped worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions about bearing manufacturer


What is your shipping way        


We will help you to choose the best shipping way according to your detail requirements.By sea,by air or by express,etc


Why did you choose us?        


We provide the best quality bearings with reasonable price, low friction, low noise and long service life.


Could you tell me the material of your bearing?        


We have chrome steel,carbon steel,and stainless steel,ceramic and plastic material.


Do you accept small orders?        




Can you make the non-standard model?        


Yes,We can customize according to your requirements

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