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Because the IKO bearing lubricating oil circulates slowly, the number of times it passes through the bearing lubricating oil filter is small, and it is difficult to clean the worn metal chips, carbon particles, and dust from the friction surface in time. During operation, due to the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the friction force between the friction surfaces of the parts increases. In order to overcome the increased friction force, more fuel is consumed, and the output power of the engine is also reduced. The viscosity of bearing lubricating oil is high, the circulation speed of oil is also slow, its cooling and heat dissipation effect is poor, and it is easy to make the engine overheat. The temperature rise is small so that an oil film can be formed between moving parts at various operating temperatures.

a) Inherent noise: Raceway sound and various IKO bearings and rolling friction sound (cylindrical roller bearings) are inherent sounds of rolling bearings. When the ball bearing rotates, the rolling body rolls on the raceway and makes a continuous and sophisticated sound; the abnormal rolling friction sound can make uncomfortable metal friction abnormal sounds such as "creak, creak", and it will not be smooth when it is smooth It makes such a sound. Therefore, it is not a problem under normal conditions, and it is only necessary to pay attention to it after the noise increases.

b) Noise related to IKO bearing manufacturing: This includes cage noise and vibrato. Cage noise mainly occurs in ball bearings and bearings. When angular contact ball bearings rotate, they are caused by vibration of the cage and impact between the cage and the rolling elements. It will make a sound. This sound is periodic. Vibrato (various bearings) is a sound with a certain frequency, which is caused by vibration caused by a large waviness on the raceway surface. This phenomenon is the most common Problem, we need to pay more attention to it in the future. Especially for our students who are learning some IKO bearing knowledge, we must carefully read the above key contents, which may be of some help to you.

c) Noise caused by improper use: It exists for all kinds of IKO bearings. When the surface of the angular contact ball bearing raceway or the surface of the rolling element is damaged, pitted, or rusted, there will be a certain period of noise and vibration. Dirt noise will be generated when the bearing is intruded by dust during operation. This noise is non-periodic, and it is also accompanied by vibration. The sound size is not fixed, sometimes it is absent.

Therefore, do not use engine lubricating oil with excessive viscosity, let alone think that the higher the viscosity, the better. Under the premise of ensuring lubrication, according to the temperature range during use, choose lubricating oil with low viscosity as much as possible. However, for engines with severe wear and relatively large gaps, lubricating oil with slightly larger viscosity can be appropriately selected.

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